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About Munch Baits

Based in the sunny (sometimes) countryside of Essex Munch Baits Ltd have invested heavily in a state of the art bait factory and equipment to meet demand and guarantee quality. The main aim was to bring out a range of baits that will not only put more fish in the bank but benifit them along the way. We worked closely through devlopment with a group of specialist animal nutritionists, and sourced some of the worlds finest ingredients and additives to reach our final goals. We have not only developed a range of baits that have proved their incredible success but all have a unique mix of vitamins, minerals, trace elements, amino acids that not only catch you more fish but aids in wound healing, boosts their immune system and provides you with a bait that you will be confident in ‘letting them have it’. With a lifetime of experience in the bait world we can honestly say there is NO secret when it comes to bait, with this in mind and our complete confidence in our range we have listed EVERY ingredient on the package, we have also provided a complete nutritional breakdown, so you know exactly what protein content, which minerals, aminos etc. Being a family run business and set up out of a passion for angling we are always trying to go that extra mile so if theres something your after thats not available on the website give 1 of the team a call direct.

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Aqua Products – Atom Bivvy

A super compact light weight stalking, overnight shelter features a low profile for stability and strength, designed with ultra mobile anglers in mind, featuring a compact foot print accommodating a bed chair and the bare minimum luggage while still maintaining exceptional cover. The micro pack size lends itself to being carried without the need for bulky barrows.

The Groundsheet is not included, available separately here

• Performance grade Aquatexx Material
• 1 Man Capacity
• Mozzi Door
• 2 Rib System
• 5 Break pole system for ultra compact pack size
• Auger point pegs

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Linear Fisheries 15-16th September 2013

Good morning from a sunny St Johns.

We have little to report in the way of carp. We are sat in the teeth of a currently chilly westerly breeze. The sun is shining and the carp are showing. It would appear to be perfect conditions with the added comfort of carp showing in our swim.

To be honest we are surprised nothing happened last night, we really thought we’d get into them. We will be here until 4/5 this afternoon so still plenty of time to get one on the bank.

Scott & Steve.


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