Linear Fisheries 15-16th September 2013

Good morning from a sunny St Johns.

We have little to report in the way of carp. We are sat in the teeth of a currently chilly westerly breeze. The sun is shining and the carp are showing. It would appear to be perfect conditions with the added comfort of carp showing in our swim.

To be honest we are surprised nothing happened last night, we really thought we’d get into them. We will be here until 4/5 this afternoon so still plenty of time to get one on the bank.

Scott & Steve.


Linear Fisheries 15-16th Sep 2013

Well, Steve and I are all done and dusted for the 2013 BCAC. It was a great experience being in the final, we would like to extend our thanks to all the marshals and the organisers. We had a great time and look forward to seeing your next year. We would also like to thank everyone for their support, this includes DNA Baits & Big Kipper Clothing.

We couldn’t finish our weekend right there, the weather looked too good. That’s exactly why we’re fishing again! The route home takes us past Linear Fisheries (with a little detour). On arrival we walked around St Johns lake, there is currently a big southwesterly, perfect carping weather!!! We stood on the western bank at a high point for a matter of minutes and saw no fewer than a dozen carp shouldering towards the deeper part of the lake.

We have settled on a peg on the road bank, directly opposite the showing carp we saw earlier on.

I’ll leave it there for now as its nearly dinner time. Here’s the chef, would you eat here!??:/

Scott & Steve.


BCAC Final 2013 07:00 Sunday

Good morning,

We both had a good night sleep last night meaning only one thing, no fish! Looking at the leader board it looks like it will be a very entertaining last few hours. Broadlands is certainly the place to make anything possible, it will only take a few fish for teams in 2nd & 3rd to grab the title.

Whilst everyone is focused on that myself and Steve are contemplating a 24hr session at Linear on our way back. It seems sensible to stop there as we’re not often down this way and it’s on the journey home. However, this all depends on the weather forecast, if we manage to dodge the weather and set up in reasonable conditions there won’t be any problems. What we don’t want is to get there and it’s blowing a gale, don’t get me wrong, ideal conditions like this don’t come around often but arriving in the middle of a storm is a different matter.

We will asses the situation later this morning, who knows, we may have the big plated in our hands by this time tomorrow😉

Scott & Steve.


BCAC Final 2013 16:05 Saturday

It remains quiet at Broadlands, I think a few swims have woken up with a fish or two so expect to see them on the BCAC website.

You may have worked out by now that we’re fishing to an island, it’s not a long cast, more of an obstacle course if anything! There are numerous overhanging trees, finding a gap is the first objective and then getting within a foot of the bank the next.

Fishing like this seems to be our only hope, we’ve tried open water and near margins with no success. We will keep plodding away with the aim of catching a fish each until midday tomorrow.

Scott & Steve.


BCAC Final 2013 12:10 Saturday

Good afternoon all, it’s very slow here at Broadlands.

The sudden change in weather has brought the whole lake to a halt.

Myself and Steve are very happy with the positioning of our rods, it’s one of those times where it seems almost impossible to buy a bite.

We both feel confident in getting a couple more fish on the bank, that would make the weekend a bit more worthwhile.

Wish us luck!

Scott & Steve.


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