British Carp & Angling Show 2012

The main British Carp Angling Show Video (as seen on their homepage)

An interview with Nash Tackle consultant Nick Burrage whilst showcasing the Nash Tackle range at The British Carp & Angling Show, Norfolk.

I talk to Matt Hayes about his new venture, Adventure on the Line plus his latest tv series.

Nash Consultant Mark Mann goes through the Diffusion Leader & Kevin Nash’s Final Account DVD, enjoy!

Jerry Hammond talks to about his latest book ‘Catching Memories’ plus his latest DVD ‘The Compulsive Angler’. Jerry also covers his lakes located in Hertforshire.

Leigh Hemsley of Nash Tackle & Bait talks about the development of Nash Bait and how they’re adapting to the requirements of the modern day angler. If you’re looking at making your own bait, watch this!

I talk to Keith Williams about the latest Mainline Baits have to offer.

I talk to Mick Brown about his latest book plus other going’s on in his life.

Elliot Gray of Korda Developments Ltd talks to about the ‘show packs’ available at all Korda show stands plus the new Korda Krimp Tool amongst other things.

I talk to Roger Jackson about the impressive PortaBote range. If you’re after a portable boat that packs down to only 4 inches flat look no further than this bit of kit!

4 thoughts on “British Carp & Angling Show 2012”

    1. Thanks Maddie! I’ve got loads more interviews going up plus I’m making a clip of the whole weekend. That will take a little more time to produce though. Feel free to use the clips! That would be lovely! Thanks, Scott.

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